Pi-oneers STEM Program

Arizonans for Children "Pi-oneer" STEM Program

Did you know that an astronomical number of children in foster care have no access to a computer or technology at their foster placement? Without access to a computer to do research and homework, these children are falling farther and farther behind in school.

Arizonans for Children has developed a program using Raspberry Pi technology that will provide children attending the series of classes with a fully functioning low cost computer system of their own. 

Program Goal: Provide school age children in foster care with a functioning computer of their own, with basic knowledge of software programming and coding. Ultimate goal - every school age child in foster care to have their own computer. 

Class size: 6-8 students with 2-3 adult volunteers.

Calendar: A new session of "Pi-oneer" would take place 6 times a year to start, running 4 weeks each, every other month. 

What is a Raspberry Pi?

A Raspberry Pi is a credit card size computer that was developed primarily for children with limited access to technology and is perfect for developing computer science skills in software development and programming. Raspberry Pi technology is widely accepted and used by the technology community to create various projects. 

Arizonans for Children "Pi-oneer" program structure:

The pilot session for the Arizonans for Children Pi-oneer program consists of four 2 hour classes. 

1st week - Introduction to Raspberry Pi

* Provides information on the development of the Raspberry Pi and known uses.

* Youth assemble their Pi by installing heatsinks, operating system, and connecting monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power supply.

* Explore various aspects of the Pi, demonstrating the software applications and usages.

2nd week - Programming Languages

* Explanation of programming languages

- Javascript

* Demonstrate programming usages

* Youth will start basic programming

3rd week - Coding

* Introduction to coding

- What is coding? What type of job uses this skill?

* Software execution

* The youth will create a video game

* Maintenance of the Pi

4th week - Internet Safety & Security

* Responsibility and safety on the internet

After the 4th class the youth that have attended all 4 classes will be allowed to take their Raspberry Pi, keyboard, mouse, and monitor home.